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Week One – Day 6: How Many Inches to Healthy?  March 30, 2014 – 07:52 am

Week One – Day 6: How Many Inches to Healthy?


Duchess Dustine von Bahm (“Dusty”)

9 wk, female German Shepherd, black and silver

DOB: 7/27/11

Date of diagnosis: 9/24/11

14 pounds

Medication: 1/2 tab Pepcid AC morning and night

Feeding schedule: I/D prescription diet wet gastrointestinal health mixed with goat’s milk 4 x daily in milkshake form, 20 minutes in Bailey chair after eating, knox blox for hydration along with small quantities of water with meals

My dad says that tragedy always comes in waves. As a matter of fact, when I was younger, he used to keep me in the house when tragedy began to strike. When I was sixteen and got my driver’s license, in a week where several bad things happened all at once, he would take my keys and ground me, just because he was afraid I would be next.

This week has been one of those weeks. I woke up bright and early yesterday morning to get Dusty ready for her visit to Dr. Jane. On our way out of the house, I suddenly felt very sick. The butterflies in my stomach were more like a swarm of angry wasps, stinging and buzzing. I ran upstairs and threw up a few times, only to hear Joe shout, “What’s going on up there? Are you okay?”

I walked down the steps and tried a smile that I’m sure looked more like a grimace, “Nerves.”

“Jesus, are you throwing up?”

I nodded, “Let’s go.”

“Are you…”

“Yes.” I picked up my keys and we both got in our separate cars. He took Dusty, I took her X-rays and medical charts.

The news was not good. I guess I should have expected that, but the hope was burning brightly, and I couldn’t put the fire out, not even with the fire extinguisher of facts that I wielded against it. I was hoping that Dr. Jane would tell us that our Doctor was wrong, that they’d caught Dusty at the wrong angle. But the Barium contrast seemed to explode like the Aurora Borealis on the screen. All I could see was white, blinding, beautiful, swirls of white against a screen of black.

“What am I looking at?”

“Her esophagus.” It spread deep into her chest cavity, thick and dominant. It seemed to take up 75% of her body. “This is one of the worst cases of this I have seen.”

I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Behind me, the vet tech was holding our puppy who was whining and struggling to get back into my arms. I barely heard her, I just kept staring at the screen. I still wasn’t sure what it meant or even what I was looking at it, but I knew it couldn’t be good.

“Mommy? Your puppy wants you.”

I turned around and took Dusty into my arms, “So, what does this mean? I mean, how big is it supposed to be?”

Source: mymegaedog.wordpress.com

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Officially the weirdest thing I have EVER

Heard about my dog Beretta...so being as my female is a purebred GSD we kind of wondered why she looks like she does, mostly a light tan/white with a little black and some silver down her back...today after looking through some GSD rescues we saw for the first a dog that looked EXACTLY like her and they called it a "Golden Sable German Shepherd"...I was curious so I called my vet who owns a whole pack of German Shepherds and started talking to him about it. He in fact said that it is a color variation, but that its rare in German Shepherds because the dominant gene normally over powers it. Apparently I have a rare colored dog...dont really know what to think. Anyone ever heard of it?

Please help me find King!!!!

King is a 4 year old un-neutered black and silver German Shepherd. He has been stolen by a 'friend' and then sold.
Please help me find King. He was taken from Boise about a month ago. Does your neighbor have a new dog???
This dog is missed greatly!!!!
Please email me at: loveable_shortness@yahoo.com
Thank you!

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Black and Silver German Shepherds
black and silver
German Shepherd Puppies at play time

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