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Our Boston Terrier/Pug Mix: Nicolai  March 3, 2011 – 00:00

by Sunny



Well Nicolai is our Boston Terrier/ Pug and today he is 11 Week's Old. He got his Name from me. Recently I have gotten married and I gave up my Lastname as Tradition would have it, but I Loved my lastname and could not get rid of it Completely so now here we have NICOLAI. We got him earlier this week Monday, so we have only had him in our lives for 5 days now and I wouldn't want it any other way. He has really opened up and his charactor is pouring out. We have a German Shepard / Doberman Mix that is 4 yrs old and they are actually getting along WAY better than I would have imagined. They are so Funny to watch play together as their sizes are so different. He has not had a Accident in the house yet (knock on wood) and is ready everytime to go Potty outside, he only cried the 1st night and has been an Angel @ night the rest of the time.
I cannot wait to see how this little guy grows up and to see his Personality come out.....he makes me laugh already just by watching him accomplish things for his size that he actually can do. He has melted our hearts in our Family already.

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