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Life Span of Shepherd Retriever Mix  May 17, 2014 – 01:04 pm
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Our dog was abandoned with us 5 months ago by her previous owner. We've been told she's a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix and she's 9 years old. I am just wondering if anyone knows what their average life span is when they are mixed? She definitely has traits of both and she is highly intelligent. By her personality and by illnesses, I must say she's more of a German Shepherd. If you had a dog this breed or known one, I would love to hear about them. Thank you.

By Nakita from Los Angeles, CA

Answers: Life Span of Shepherd Retriever Mix

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By 04/04/2010

She is a beautiful girl and thank you for giving her a home. I have had several larger dogs, mostly lab mixes, and yes, they don't live as long as little dogs do. I had a lab/springer mix who lived to age 14, so with good care, you could have some good years with her. Make sure she has exercise every day and sees the vet twice a year, and love her every day!

By 04/02/2010

There is a rule of thumb to go by when it comes to the life span of dogs. The bigger the dog, the shorter the life span. Pedigree doesn't matter. Large dogs such as retrievers and shepherds unfortunately normally only live 8-10 years. But who knows, with lots of love and extra special care since she's so old now, she may just live longer!
Who could ever abandon such a beautiful dog? Such a sweetie!
I have had both breeds. Both are exceptional dogs. Shepherds are well known for their "smarts", although goldens are by no means dumb! Both are very loyal and loving dogs.
Although, both also are inclined

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First of all, they are all large breed dogs. I can't think of any cons except of the health problems related to the animals. I can't wait to bitch about how much space the dog takes up on the bed.
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