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Siberian Husky German Shepherd Mix - Breed Information and Photos  August 10, 2012 – 00:00
Siberian Husky German Shepherd Mix - Breed Information and Photos

What is the best environment for Siberian Husky and German Shepherd Dog Mixes? Here is advice from the ThriftyFun community.


Desert Is Not The Best Climate For These Dogs

We live in the desert and had Siberian Husky & Black Lab mix. He was always so hot. He'd dig in the dirt to try to get cool. While he hated water, when he'd get really, really hot, he'd go stand in his huge water bucket we had, not lie down, but just stand in it. His digging in the soil was what ended his life as he contracted "Valley Fever", a respiratory disease. We had to put him down, almost 5 years ago, now. While he was a lot of joy to us, I'd not get that breed of dog again, while living here in the desert, I would if we lived in a cooler climate. By badwater

High Energy Dogs

Huskies are very high energy dogs so if you're not a jogger or plan to do agility, anything to keep them constantly busy, I'd go with a different dog. Shepherds are very intelligent and need brain stimulation too. If you're laid back go with a golden retriever mix. They are very happy just hanging around. Of course that's depending on what they're mixed with. You can tell their disposition by interacting with them. And a shelter is full of great dogs just waiting for you!

By Vicki

Lots Of Play Time

Hello, we own the same breed of dog and I agree that they need lots of play time and are very smart.

By Leaky

Lots Of Room

As far as the best environment goes, I would have to say that you definitely need a fairly large, fenced in yard at the very least. We have an acre lot fenced in and Jackson seems to love it. He is able to really get up a lot of speed as he runs laps when he is playing with us. Also, Jackson loves to dig but its been a year now and he doesn't seem interested in digging to get out of the fence. He just digs for the sheer enjoyment of digging. I am constantly filling in holes that he may dig anywhere in the yard. He also really loves going to the local Dog Park and running with the other dogs there. This type of environment

Source: www.thriftyfun.com

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They would do it if i pushed it but i find it

Hard to push them since they are really really pathetic, needy dogs - the shepherd and the chow mix were abused before i got them ( chow was found wandering in the bronx starving full of bugs with her ears all chewed up and she seems to never have been petted or played with - she doesn't know how to react to it so its a huge step for her to want to be near a human)
and with the shepherd, ...d off his back, malnourished and he would eat his feces the instant he had a bowel movement
and he's the sweetest german shepherd imaginable, he loves everyone, not a mean bone in his body but a trainer found him the dumbest german shepherd he's ever come across - i think he really might be retarded
so mainly i just want to give these dogs a good life, i have no expectations on them

That's Too Bad...

Sorry to hear that. Our present group of cats are lousy mousers, too. They're on the old side, as it is, 13 - 20 years old, and at least one of them would do it if she had any skill at it, and didn't have an almost white body that warns her prey a mile off that she's coming...
Sure miss (for many reasons) our best mouser, Tommy, who didn't bother the birds, but loved to go after gophers an...y are very discriminating predators, they found a baby bird night before last, and all they did was lick it until it was sopping wet, my sister brought it in and dried it off and kept it safe for the night, and then returned it to the momma bird the next day. "Junior" has been living safely in her garden for several days until its wings are strong enough that it can fly back where it came from.)

Humane Society sees rise in adoptions  — Odessa American
Pets abandoned 3. A trio of German Shepherd mix puppies wait for adopters near the entrance of the Humane Society of Odessa Thursday in West Odessa. Buy this photo. Number of animals euthanized by Odessa Animal Control. 2011: 8,090. 2012: 5,121.

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