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Stepping Stone German Shepherd Rescue  August 14, 2013 – 08:07 pm

Check out the artwork via the link below!Be sure to mention Stepping Stone and for a limited time you will get a FREE notecard with any purchase!

Stay Tuned for upcoming events.We can also be seen at many dog shows in and around Kentucky,Ohio,Tennessee,Indiana and sometimes Georgia and Alabama.

Watch the main website events page atthe Stepping Stone German Shepherd,Inc. Website forupdates!!

We are a 501(3)c organization and all donations are tax deductible within the laws.

We use probiotics and other supplements on the dogs and are seeing fantastic results.

We are using more and more Oxyfresh products on the dogs and seeing WONDERFUL results.Just ask us about them and how to order.

We also are seeing fantastic results with magnetic therapy.Donate a Bed We would be glad to share our ideas and wonderful success stories.

Stepping Stone German Shepherd Rescue is an all volunteer,not for profit organization dedicated to finding new homes for German Shepherd Dogs.

Our German Shepherds are primarily from homes that can no longer keep them for a variety of reasons: lack of commitment,lack of knowledge about the breed,divorce,illness,death of owner,moving,allergies or abuse.We also have German Shepherds that were found as strays or were obtained from shelters.

We have many wonderful German Shepherds available for adoption from 8 week old puppies to senior citizens,long and short coats and many color patterns.

Our dogs are fostered for at least a number of weeks before becoming available for adoption.They are started in obedience training and socialization activities.This allows us to evaluate the dogs for temperament and health before matching them with their new human companions.

If you have questions about whether a German Shepherd Dog is the right dog for you,see our breed information page on our main website at are a 501(c)3 organization,so donations are tax deductible!
Get in your last minute deductions before the end of 2008!!

Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda beds,but we do not have enough for everyone.If you would like to donate a bed for another shelter dog at discounted price,please click here. Email us for an adoption application at SteppingStoneGSD@aol.com.Unfortunately due to numerous phone trouble our phone isn't working at the moment,so please email us and we will get back with you as soon as possible,things stay very

Source: www.petfinder.com

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Advice on second dog breed??

Ok, our roommate moved out and my chesapeake bay retriever (1 years old) is lonely. When he lived with me at my mom's, until he was about 6 months old, he lived with their rotweiler and border collie. My second roommate had a lab puppy who he would play with all day long. My current roommate was fostering a boston terrier but she was recently adopted. So now he's all alone and he seems really re...eds we were thinking of:
German Shorthair pointer
Standard Poodle
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
German Shepherd
Boston Terrier
Not sure what else, any suggestions? Any breeds we should stay away from?? Any help would be great!

Dog in Yard...Part 3

I posted about my trashy neighbor who keeps their German Shepherd tied up outside at all hours, with no shelter and apparently no food or water, either. I received several helpful suggestions, including to call the Humane Society, which I did. It seemed to have had the desired effect, because for a time, the dog was actually not in the yard! Hooray! But tehn, slowly but surely, the dog reappeare...to sleep. That doesn't make sense, anyone know if it's true?
And finally, I found out the building is a rental, and got the number for the landlord. However, given that the place is falling apart - it's the trashiest building on the block - I seriously doubt the landlord would care about the situation.
Help, I'm so frustrated, and the poor dog has to be miserable! What else can I do?

Pets, Pets, Pets  — Babylon Beacon
Still groggy from anesthesia, Bear received a standing ovation, led by NYC Commissioner Ray Kelly as he paraded past a line-up of working German Shepherds plus one black Lab with their police partners.

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